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The White Doves is one of the ministries in Kenyatta University Seventh Day Adventist (KUSDA) Church. The White Doves was formed around 93/94 one evening in Grace Chepkorir’s room at Nyayo 2 hostels. The founding members then were Grace Chepkorir, Festus Kigo, Mary Bandika & Mwanzo Moseti (founding leader). We never had formal music training but just the passion to sing. The name white doves emanated from a song we loved (on the wings of a Snow White Doves, God sends His pure sweet love…). This was our 1st song ever & we learned it by simply listening and rewinding the cassette to get the words. Google didn’t exist at that time.

Thereafter we were joined by Janet Tarus, Daniel Kipsang Meli etc and the group grew. 

We were passionate about singing and mission. The white Doves members were all members of the Great KU Sda choir and we recorded 2 songs in the KUSDA volume 2.

During the long holidays, Mwanzo was taught a bit of music theory & this improved The quality of the singing in the group. 

The group was close-knit & on sabbath evenings we would go out to The hostels & sing for our friends in their rooms. This formed part of our mission. Social outings also helped strengthen the bonds in the group. 

The group had a simple succession plan in place to ensure that successive generations were represented in the group so that there was no gap when one group was on holiday or when the 4th year graduated.

Through God’s grace, the group has grown in leaps & bounds and still exists today as the oldest group in KUSDA.


In Genesis 8:8-12, Noah sends a dove to see to it that waters were abated from the surface of the earth…again in John 1:32, the Holy Spirit descends upon Jesus in form of a Dove. In light of the above, our mission reads as follow:

“To give ourselves wholly unto the great mission of Matthew 28:19-20 and proclaim the everlasting gospel to all the world in the context of the 3 angels messages of Revelation 14:6-12.


In harmony with the prophecies of the scripture, we see as the climax of God’s plan for the restoration of all His creation to full harmony with His perfect will and righteousness.


To bring hope, peace and comfort to the children of God and to assure them of the endless and nondiscriminatory love of God and of the salvation full and free in Christ Jesus.


> To conduct evangelism in all corners of the world.

>To enhance spiritual nourishment of members.

>To look at social and welfare of the members.

>To maintain links with its members.

>To be an icon of hope, peace, unity and harmony at all times.



>Holding social Sundays.

>Holding social lunch.

>Conducting of Bible Study

>Carry out visitations to the members

>Attending missions.

>Attending camp meetings.

>Participating in chaplaincy e.g visiting of prisons, children homes, hospitals, schools e.t.c 


The Ministry is composed of regular and associate members. The membership has grown drastically over the years since its inception. We have roughly 100 active members and 210 members absolutely including the associates. The number continues to grow every academic year and we thank God for this. Regular members pay sh. 100 every semester to renew their membership.


The Ministry holds its meetings on the following days:

Sunday; 2-4pm– Singing Session and Bible study.

Monday; 5-6:30pm– Singing Session.

Tuesday; 5-6:30p– Bible study.

Friday; 5:630pm– Singing Session.

In addition, the Ministry also holds business meetings and council meetings to deliberate on issues pertinent to its operations.


Group Coordinator

The Deputy Coordinator

The Secretary

The Treasurer

The Choir Trainer

The deputy choir trainer

The assistant choir trainer

The prayer and fellowship dpt leader

The music dpt leader

The social and welfare dpt leader

The uniform committee leader

The transport and communication leader

The years’ Representatives

The group sponsor.


Since its inception, the Ministry has managed to do a series of song recordings to aid in spreading the gospel of truth to all nations. Through this, many souls have been drawn to Christ and many more continue to be drawn to Christ. The Ministry has done 8 audio recordings and 3 DVDs. This has been successful by God’s grace and mercy upon members. We are looking forward to the production of more songs to enhance the evangelism mission.


1. Naturing of members both spiritually, socially and economically.

2. Acquisition of PA system to aid in ministering the gospel.

3. Production of audio CDs and DVDs to assist in the gospel ministry far and wide.

4. Network creation with other churches.

5. Good interrelationship among regular members and the associates.






Welcome to Kenyatta University Seventh Day Adventist (KUSDA) Church and worship with us.