Which Type of Christian are you?

There is no greater and nobler duty than being in service for and with Jesus. Despite God having legions of Angels at His disposal whom He could have trusted with executing the Salvation plan for fallen Beings, He opted to use me and you for this sacred purpose. Through Training, Bible Schools, Ministry Activities, Music Ministry, and many other ministries, KUSDA is building an army of Christian Soldiers. Many have graduated from this “barrack”, many are still in this school and many will come after me and you, but the question we should ask ourselves every day, Will we leave as we came or will we leave better and refined people ready to stand unflinchingly for our Lord Commander Jesus Christ? soul-winning technique One of my favorite authors, Juvenal Balisasa, in His Book “Witnessing for Christ”, He group Christians in the following categories;
  1. Iscariot Christian: The one who pursues personal gain, and whose lifestyle always betrays and brands Jesus Christ for sale!
  2. Signboard Christians: The one who is stuck on the very way he is entreating others to follow.
  3. Unborn Christian: The one who is indifferent about what is going on in the church.
  4. Baby Christian: The one who is always spiritually dependent on other believers or church leaders
  5. Obese Christians: The one who is eager to learn God’s words and ways but is reluctant to share with others.
  6. Kwashiorkor Christians: The one who is always complaining and murmuring.
  7. Barren Christian: The one who cherishes God’s word and ways but does not reproduce him/herself in others through witnessing.
  8. Sheep-eater Christian: The one who invests in destroying other Christians.
  9. Maturing Christians: The one who is struggling to imitate Christ and to witness.
  10. Reproductive Christians: The one who is Christ-like and witness to others.

KUSDA, with a population of over 3000, is not a Holy City, and never will it be as well as any other church across the Globe. As a Christian, we have to first come to terms that a Church is like a hospital where each and every category of people mentioned above comes for a dosage of the Gospel.

Our first duty as Disciples is to understand how to associate, commune, and live with this diversity and at all times pray earnestly to uplift our character and spirituality and of those around us to the level of Mature Christians and ultimately Reproductive Christians.

Our strategic goal as a church is to train and make each and every KUSDArian a true Disciple of Christ. Through Small Groups Ministry, Public Campus Ministry, and Global Missions Ministry we want to turn the world upside down with the Gospel and leave no stone unturned! “And this Gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.” Matt. 24:14

Welcome on board; soldiers of the Cross, let’s march to Zion!