The Kusda Welfare department was constituted to cater to the diverse needs amongst church members. These needs are physical, spiritual, and emotional. The department, therefore, seeks to offer support where possible.
Mostly, the department supports church members by giving them food, bereavement funds, and carrying out visitations.
We always partner with other departments such as deaconry, prison ministry, hospital ministry, singing ministries, children ministry etc.
  1. Deaconry: we partner with them to do visitation to the church members who may need visitation or may request for the same.
  2. Prison ministry: we also partner with them to do visitation to the prisons.
  3. Hospital ministry: we again partner with them to help us minister to the sick in hospitals and at their rooms/homes. We as well pray together with the sick.
  4. Singing ministries: these ministries partner with us to visit their members who may need or requests for visitation.
  5. Children ministry: they also help us do visitation to the children’s home and also visit any child who may need visitation.

As we do these visitation its our custom to carry some items for the need such as clothes, food, spiritual books etc.

We also try to our effort to help students and others who may lack food, upkeep money, hospital bills etc. This we do together with church elders and treasury department.

Source of our resources

  1. We depend mostly on contributions from church members who always donate money, clothes, food etc.
  2. We also get them from treasury and church planning and strategic committee.
  3. We also get some contributions from community members.
  4. Some other contributions come from well wishers


To make KUSDA church be everybody’s home away from home.


Provide service to everyone equally and through prayers carry one another’s burden to Christ’s Calvary.


The department is trying and looking forward to;
  1. Come up with diverse ways of raising funds such as projects, programs that can generate funds eg fitness programs.
  2. Create and foster mutual assistance amongst members.
  3. Create more emphasis and constant reminder to the church members of the importance of monetary contributions towards the welfare kitty as well as socio-psychological assistance.
  4. Find a way to make church members more acquainted with the are department to make it easier for the members to air their issues.
  5. Encourage church members to donate anything they have that will benefit a fellow church member such as toiletries, foodstuffs and clothes.


Welfare leader :Judy Kirigo  (+254715908142)

Secretary welfare :Felgona Obuya


There are six categories in the department;


This has been the greatest challenge to the church members who are mostly students as they rely on their parents for upkeep. The department has always offered support by donating foodstuffs to these members.
However, the support is not fully sponsored as the membership of the church is large. The department has always prioritized urgent cases. The food donation is done in conjunction with the deaconry department.


We are living in a world of sin and death is inevitable. The department is always ready to support church members who have lost their guardians or parents and to the family involved if we lost any church member. This is done through the treasury department.


We all get sick and need emotional and physical support. The department usually organizes visitations to the sick members and may support where it can.


Christ’s mission was to minister to the needs of his followers before he evangelized. This too is our motto as the Kusda church through the welfare department where we reach out to non-members with different needs through offering support, especially on foodstuffs.
Other minor categories are handled at the ministry level like rent and school fees. The department is not in a position to help in paying school fees and rent because of a lack of funds. Anyone unable to raise school fees is helped by getting a proforma from the KUSA welfare to help him or her raise funds. On the issue of rent, the ministry where the member belongs is encouraged to offer support through contributing.

Events and Activities.

The department held a minor fundraiser where on 26th October 2019 where Ksh.18,093 was collected.
Welfare Sabbaths during which promotions are done to boost the kitty.
Visitations to the church members.


  • The department assisted six students in settling their school fees arrears.
  • The department came up with a foodstuff budget worth Ksh. 24000 to support the church members.
  • More than one hundred church members are beneficiaries of the welfare support in terms of bereavements and foodstuffs.
  • Donation of clothes, foodstuffs, nd toiletries to prisons and children’s homes.

Future Plans

  1. To source for sponsorship for the welfare kitty.
  2. Holding two fundraisers each semester to boost the welfare kitty. This can be made aware to the church members through fliers and posters.
  3. Creation of platforms where students can be more independent.
  4. Making income-generating projects regularly.

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