Wednesday Vespers: Love Manenos

To This Love?

God has done it again! The half part of this week is gone. We have a reason to thank God, haven’t you? It takes His Mighty hand to pass one day; what about three days? Indeed He is our Ebenezer, and He will remain to be so.

Love Manenoz

This day’s vespers is unique. Check from the topic itself. Love is a ubiquitous term all around us. The term ‘Manenos’ blends it. The series began on Tuesday 13th July, 2021. Nevertheless, this vespers’ topic is more fascinating.

God created in us love as a response to who He is. He expects us to love Him. In addition, He also expects us to love one another. This love makes us happy, smooths the way, makes us mind and kind.

However, the kind of love in this topic is inclined towards relationships. It is a fact that the majority in this church (KUSDA) are youths, mostly unmarried. Therefore, it goes without a say that many are in relationships, or contemplating on the same. Therefore, such talks as this, moreso having enlightment in the line of what kind of relationship does God expects us to form. God is after our good. He wants the best for us.

Today’s topic is: Love Manenos: To this Love? The discussion will be based on the book of Songs of Songs 2:7. The speaker of the day is Pr. Kigundu Ndwiga, PhD. and the venue is KUSDA Church.

You are cordially invited to attend, and if by chance you are away from KUSDA, kindly tune to KUSDA YouTube Channel to stream live the vespers. May God bless you immensely as you contemplate on this holy course.