This is a new department in KUSDA church which was developed or created in the year 2017, academic year 2016/2017 due to a need to attend or reach out to persons with special needs.

A person with Hearing Impairment made a need for the department to be there and fully active since there was a need for Sign Language interpreters to be in KUSDA church every Sabbaths.

The department work more closely with the Station (Nairobi) under the wings of Nairobi Station Special Needs Ministry (NASSNEM) where Special Needs Ministry has been recognized in General Conference (GC) calendar.

To know who these people with special needs are, the following are the categories:

  • The Visual Impairment
  • The Hearing Impairment/Hard of Hearing
  • The Physically Challenged/Mobility Challenged
  • Hidden Disability-e.g. sickle-cell anemia, diabetes, high blood pressure e.t.c
  • Emotion and Psychiatric Disorders
  • Intellectual Disabilities
  • Communications Disorders
  • Refugees
  • HIV/AIDS victims, affected and infected people
  • The Aged
  • The Orphans


  • To spread the gospel to all people including people with special needs according to the three angels message.
  • To give hope to people with special needs who have been depressed through guiding and counseling.
  • To create awareness on special needs and special needs ministry in church.
  • To train members on how to interact, socialize and handle persons with special needs especially those living with disabilities.
  • To train Kenya Sign Language so us to minister to people with hearing impairments and people with hard of hearing.
  • To train and educate people with special needs to have self-reliance, self-independence and high self-esteem and acceptance regardless of their disabilities.

Events and Activities in the Department

  • Special Needs Sabbaths
  • Guiding and Counseling
  • Visitations to Special needs schools, institutions, hospitals and orphanages
  • Charity work
  • Sign Language Training
  • Creating Awareness
  • Social Sundays


Since the department had began, we have managed to achieve the followings:

  • Special Needs Sabbaths
  • Sign Language Trainings
  • Creating Awareness through having special needs seminar


  • Having Deaf Ministry in KUSDA church
  • Having Assistive Devices in KUSDA church
  • Having Rehabilitation Centre in KUSDA church
  • Having Special Needs School in KUSDA and KU as a whole.
  • Having Special needs choir


Director: Rose Ochieng-0705061547

HoD – Verah Anyango-0799130787

Assistant HoD: Eve Necy-0792263302

Choir Trainer/Guidance and Counselor: Esther Wambui-0708698988

Welcome to Kenyatta University Seventh Day Adventist (KUSDA) Church and worship with us.