1.    About

The idea of establishing this critical department in KUSDA was drawn from the Ministry of Jesus in John 9:2, where Jesus states that those born with disabilities were created in such manner that the works of God should be made manifest in Christ and hence glorifies the name of God. As a peculiar group, preparing to meet Jesus on His coming day, we are to spread the good news to all across the globe not leaving behind out persons living with special needs.

Our church, is like n hospital where the sick come to seek healing from the Great Physician, Jesus Christ. In addition, the Master Healer instills precious lessons to comfort them.

As a department, we are aware that all of us have some kind of special need, and the need is not necessarily based on the visible physique. In our vicinity (that is, Kenyatta University), many fall under this category. Our duty is to reach to them and share with them an amazing story of Jesus.

Consequently, we have realized that members living with special needs are in great need of financial, material and social support. We have charged ourselves with the duty to extend a hand in meeting these needs. However, we depend on support from well-wishers to accomplish these tasks.

Currently, we engage in outreach programs, visitations and social Sundays. In addition, we extend our activities to orphanages, children homes, and other relevant institutions. In the course of conducting such acts of charity, we share material things with them and make them feel loved, embraced and blessed. Above all, we don’t neglect to point to them the Savior who loves them and has good plans for them.

2.    Mission

To reach out to the unreached and share with them the sweet story of Jesus.

3.    Vision

Through Christ, we will have a great team of members with disability in church joining the ministry and who are waiting for the second coming of Christ.

4.    Leadership and Role

The special needs leadership consists of the following:

  1. Coordinator
  2. Assistant Coordinator
  3. Secretary
  4. Elder in-Charge

a)    Coordinator

  1. He/she is the head of the department.
  2. He/she represents the interests of special needs members in the church-board and other church committees.
  3. Organizes outreach, social Sundays, visitations, special needs Sabbath, and training programs.
  4. Ensure the welfare of special needs members is well taken care of.
  5. Chairs all the meetings of the departments.

b). Assistant Coordinator

  1. Deputizes he coordinator and assists him/her in carrying out his roles.
  2. Carry out sensitization and awareness programs.

c). Secretary

  1. Keeps all the records and reports of the department.
  2. Takes minutes in every departmental meeting.

Special Needs Programs

Sundays 9-11am: Sign Language training

Thursdays: Visitations

Sabbath: Sign-language interpreters assist the deaf in all Sabbath services

Social Sundays

Outreach programs.


Welcome to Kenyatta University Seventh Day Adventist (KUSDA) Church and worship with us.