Public Lecture: Creating A Home For Homeless Money in the Post COVID-19 Era

MoneyThe COVID-19 pandemic has caused a devastating financial crisis for most families and individuals. Many people have lost jobs, many projects have been halted, many businesses closed down, etc. Many people are wondering how they will meet the demands of their lives, leave alone school fees, rent, etc.

However, good news is that there is a Public Lecture that has been organized at Kenyatta University SDA Church (KUSDA) Main Campus, to help you create home for the homeless money after the devastation of the pandemic.

The Public lecture will be conducted by a team from BF SUMA.

DATE: FEBRUARY 28th, 2021

TIME: 2:00-5:00pm (EAT)



  1. Dr. Kigundu Ndwiga (BBA, MA, PH.D) – Chaplain KUSDA
  2. Mary Kigundu – Senior Leader
  3. Dr. Roger Duncan (BSc, LLB, MBA, PH.D)
  4. Job Getuma Mandere – BF SUMA Entrepreneur
  5. Kim Wanderi – BF SUMA Leadership Coach

This lecture is open for everybody. So make effort to attend.  It will as well be live. so if you are away you can as well follow virtually via the link below: KUSDA LIVE