This is a department in KUSDA that ensures the Spiritual life of every church member is well taken care of. The department organizes prayer nights, Lunch time prayers and morning prayers in the church among others.

Morning Prayers

The morning prayers are conducted in various Prayer venues, according to the residential zones of the members. The morning prayers begin at 5:15AM to 6:20AM from Sunday to Friday weekly. The following are the prayer venues:

EASTERN ZONE: Outside Old Administration

WESTERN ZONE: Ruwenzori Food Outlet

NYAYO ZONE: Accommodation Offices

The devotional book used during the morning prayers is This Day With God. You can get your soft copy by clicking the link below

Click the link below to download.

Lunch Time prayers

The department organizes for afternoon prayers from 12:00PM-1:00PM and also from 1:00PM-2:00PM every Monday to Friday.

The devotional book used during afternoon prayers is Our Father Cares. Get your soft copy by clicking the link below.

Prayer is the tool in the hand of faith. Join us during these prayer hours to enjoy communion with the Divinity as we contact the Heavenly host through Prayers. God Bless You.

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