Prayer and Fasting/Welfare Sabbath

KUSDA Prayer and fasting Sabbath

Prayer is a necessity for any Christian. God has made a provision through which His children  may maintain a constant communication with Him. This privilege is made cheaply available to every human being, Christian not exempted.

The blessings of our Lord are just a prayer away; our burdens, needs, sorrows and gratitude are best attended to when we make them known to our God through prayer. Furthermore, prayer is the only means we tap the power from above to help us in times of need: in the midst of temptation, when faced with controversial decision, when we approach an evil trap, etc. Since these situations are common for us, it therefore renders prayers as duty and necessity for every man under the sun.

The Benefits of Fasting Before the Lord Jesus Christ – Jesus Truth  Deliverance

The Sabbath of 6th March, 2021 is a prayer and Fasting cum Welfare Sabbath. The following are the details you should be aware of before the very day.

SPEAKER: Ev. Kamau Onchera


KEY TEXT: Joel 2:12,13

THEME SONG: SDAH 284: For You I am Praying


  1. This is a Prayer & Fasting/Welfare Promotion Sabbath [March 6th, 2021].
  2. There will be an AYM induction on March 6th, 2021 as from 1Pm at KUSDA CHURCH.
  3. All members, friends & visitors are encouraged to visit the KUSDA CHURCH Website & YouTube channel for Spiritual Uplifting Content.
  4. KUSDA Library department wishes to notify you of a Literature Material Donation Sabbath on 13th March 2021. Any KUSDA member who may have any literature material to donate to KUSDA library can reach Douglas Omollo – 0707455939 and Brian Ongaki-0706337762. Additionally, Library council representatives in the ministries are also requested to communicate the same in the ministry meetings and collect the materials donated before the mega donation day on 13th March, 2021.
  5. 13th March, 2021 will be an ACA Sabbath. All are invited.
  6. There will be a Strategic Planning & Budgeting Committee Meeting on Sunday 7th March, 2021 from 9 AM. Departments or offices with budgets to submit the same to the clerk on 6th March, 2021 immediately after Sabbath.
  7. Brief Elders meeting after the strategic meeting – for 15 Minutes.


It is advisable that the finances that would have otherwise be spent during this day be present to the welfare kitty in order to support those who lack. That is why the welfare department is also incorporated. May you be blessed as you purpose to commit yourself in prayers.