To avail Resources and Training Church members in uniting their efforts with the    Church Ministries in the Final Proclamation of the Gospel of Salvation in Christ to all mankind.


Enroll every member to core-labor with Christ in Soul Winning.


1.To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in response to the command of Jesus in the context of the three angel’s message of Revelation 14:6-12.

2.To equip members with the word of God for them to be thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

3.To ensure every church member has identified their God given faculties for the work of ministry in church and fulfillment of the great commission.


1.Organise for training church members on evangelism.

2.Direct church members in outreach services.

3.Report to the Church Board and the Church Business Meeting about the Soul Winning Activities of the Church.

4.Ensure Speakers are allocated for mission activities across Kenya.

5.Cooperating with the Sabbath School Department in Organizing and running Sabbath School Action Units.

6.In cooperation with the Global Mission Department, organize for global outreaches to prepare people for the kingdom of God.

7.Providing a platform in which the sub departments can work mutually and interdependently. This is for the perfecting of saints, for the work of ministry and the edification of the Body of Christ.

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