Welcome to our KUSDA Sabbath program on 14th August 2021. Taking a look at the sermon title, No on-and-off connection, we have expectations. From the Physics knowledge we have on circuit connection, there must be a Power source from which electric current comes from. There are circumstances that can interrupt the current flow and that will be an off connection. In this context, God is the source of our strength and power thus we need to be connected to Him all the time.

When the servant of God settled on No on-and-off connection as the sermon Title, we have expectations, or maybe ask ourselves. Which connection will be talked about?. We then realize that as Christians , we need connection with our Lord on and off season as the disciples did. We can as well say that as Christians, we need to be connected amongst ourselves as we journey to Heaven. This again reminds us of the song, SDAH 451. Every first line of a stanza calls us, to walk ,watch and pray in togetherness as we journey to the Beautiful land of Canaan. A brotherhood in Christianity is another aspect of connection that we are expecting from the speaker of the day.

A connection with our savior needs to be fulltime , No on-and-off as the speaker pointed out. For much more, Welcome to our Sabbath worship.

This Sabbath, our Sister Beauty Tali will be ministering to us , Key text John15:1-8 and our theme song will be from SDAH 500. The service will be held in KUSDA Church from 7am-5pm.

For the virtual congregants, never feel abandoned since the service will be aired live through KUSDA YouTube Channel. May God grant you the grace to honor Him with your body and understand the price that was paid to redeem you. Be blessed.