Pr. Dr. Kigundu Ndwiga, PhD, Chaplain KUSDA

Kenyatta University Seventh-day Adventist Church, fondly referred to as KUSDA, is what many call a modern day miracle. It’s a miracle of grace because of it’s 3000 members concentrated in one public university campus, a complete dedicated church building erected through the sacrifice of students on a one acre of land allocated by the University Management through the efforts of the late Vice Chancellor, Prof. George Eshiwani and the 4 self-contained roomed ACA Guesthouse, funded by our Adventists Associates to offer accommodation to our church guests and other clients in our endeavor to be self – reliant.

KUSDA church, which was started through the initiative of the late Prof. Makau, his wife Dorothy and twelve (12) students in the year 1979, was organized into the sisterhood of SDA churches under CKC on March 23, 2002.

Dr Enock Omosa was the first SDA Institutional Chaplain in to be employed in 2001, with Pastor James Ouma and Dr. David Odhiambo following in his footsteps. Employed on Dec 7, 2013, I humbly stand on shoulders of great chaplaincy giants.

Beyond the infrastructure and rich historical legacy is what makes KUSDA impressive, her members. The robust ACA network which helps our associates maintain a strong bonds with each other and their links with KUSDA is impressive. The April and December Global outreach missions to unreached communities which last for three weeks involving between 300-400 students at a time, the 8 vibrant singing ministries, the gospel programs on KU FM Radio and the Abundant Life program on KU TV which are passionate endeavors to fulfill the Gospel Commission of making disciples are impressive.

Our prayer is that, this website, our current Initiative to chronicle our endeavor at disciple making- ACTS OF KUSDA, for we firmly believe that the book of Acts was not completed will be impressive as its contents help you become a fervent passionate disciple of Jesus Christ!

Welcome to Kenyatta University Seventh Day Adventist (KUSDA) Church and worship with us.