Macheo means no more being in darkness. It comes from the book of Isaiah 60:1- Arise shine for Thy light hath come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon Thee. 

The Ministry was began in the year 2000.


Making disciples of Jesus Christ, through the everlasting gospel in the context of the three angels message of Revelation 14:6-11.


  1. To witness to Christ through evangelism by songs.
  2. To witness to Christ through scripture teachings.
  3. To promote the welfare of the group members by nurturing their Christian conduct.
  4. To promote unity in Christ among group members with the church during church activities.
  5. To identify and improve members’ talents and encourage them to always put them in practice.
  6. To promote the welfare of the immediate community through charity work, visitations and ministry to the sick among others.

Group Scalar Chain

The leadership posts in the group are:

  • The Coordinator
  • The Assistant Coordinator
  • The Secretary
  • The Assistant Secretary
  • The Treasurer
  • The Choir Trainers
  • The Welfare Leaders
  • The Spiritual Leaders
  • The Instrument Leader
  • Project coordinator
  • The Associate and Year Representatives


Group Activities

The group shall be involved in special events like:

  • Social lunches.

Group members come and share a meal together every Saturday afternoon while praising God. This is meant to keep the group unified and enhance members’ spiritual growth.

  • Social Sundays.

Is organized once a semester, on a Sunday, where members get to visit a calm place to socialize and engage in team-building.

  • Welcoming of the first years.

The first year members of the group are officially introduced into the group in this ceremony.

Should be held the Sunday after church candle lighting ceremony.

This event will also see the recital of the constitution to the members in a bid to remind everyone of the group’s regulations.

  • Associates re-union.

This is meant to bring together the group members with the associates. It will be held every ACA Sabbath where the associates will re-unite with the group members.

  • Handing over taking over.

This is an occasion where the new leaders are officially handed their leadership roles. The leaving leaders will be required to submit a detailed report on the particular posts and handover all the relevant documents and items to the incoming leader.

  • End of semester ceremony and farewell to the leaders.

Should be done just before any semester comes to an end as per a date set by the group officials.

It is an occasion where all of the semester activities are reviewed and the leaving students as well as outgoing leaders are bid farewell.

  • Crusades.

After every semester, the group members should go to an evangelism mission to a place assigned to them by the KUSDA church.

  • Camp meetings

The group will attend a camp meeting to an area upon receiving an invitation. Group members will deliberate and determine which area to visit if there is more than one invitation letter.

  • Sabbath outreach

Upon receiving invitation request, the group members, at least once a semester, visit an area for the whole weekend undertaking evangelistic works.

  • Sabbath outs

Group members visit an outside church and fellowship with them on a Sabbath day upon receiving invitation.

  • Post-visits

Upon completion of a mission in a particular area, group members are required to undertake a post visit to follow-up on the effects of the mission.

  • Visitations

Sabbaths will be followed by visitations to members who have submitted visitation requests.

Fig. 1.Macheo Amo Collecting Firewood During Mukurweini MISSION , April 2019

Fig 2. A day of Prayer and Fasting during the mission


Fig 3. Door to door visitations to one of the locals, a catholic member who is passionate about the word of GOD. (From theLeft) Mary Awuor, Host, Barack and Esther Wambui.

Here’s Macheo Constitution:

Welcome to Kenyatta University Seventh Day Adventist (KUSDA) Church and worship with us.