Macheo Ministry- December 2019 Mission Report


MISSION SITE:  Sipili, Laikipia County.

DATE: 13th – 30th Dec 2019 .

THEME: There’s a word from the Lord.


THEME VERSE:  1 Sam 3:17.

A total of 30 Macheo ministers set off for an evangelistic mission in Sipili, Laikipia County. Sipili is a gargantuan market center located in a vast growing rural area in Laikipia County. The climatic conditions were a little bit unfriendly to newcomers i.e. little sunlight appearances, cold winds during the day, misty evenings and cold nights.

Despite of this the turn up by boda boda operators, by passers, other business workers, the youths and the children was very commendable especially during the prophecy hours,  pictures and videos attracted many.

The activities were carried out by the ministers as part of the mission:  door-to-door visitations to the locals and church members, especially the backslid ones), Market cleaning, Special Bible Studies, Primary and High school tuition, Health and counselling on drug and substance abuse, Special visitation to alcoholics, depressed and baptismal candidates, prayer and fasting , and routine activities(i.e. daily devotions, exercises, etc.)

In the course of the mission, various challenges were faced by the ministers, such as: there was inadequate supply of water during the last days of the mission, heavy downpours (rain) and electricity black-outs, theft at the site (i.e. horn speakers poles were stolen), language barrier, and lack of conducive learning site for children, stereotyping issue, 30 candidates gave themselves for baptism but they were unreachable via phone calls. Some were not fully prepared due to the short 2 weeks period. Others had no phones thus made communications to become difficult.


At the end of the mission, the efforts of the ministers were greatly rewarded by the Master. A total of 13 souls were won to Christ, some first-time mission attendants (Millerites) were nurtured to become speakers, some members identified their Spiritual gifts and endeavored to develop them, and the ministers learnt all-round skills.

Heartfelt gratitude to the leadership of KUSDA church for allocating resources to see the success of the mission. Above all, Glory, dominion, majesty and honor to be back to our Almighty God whose hand has always been evident in the missions the ministry has been carrying out. AMEN