The life we live has stages. Like an acting scene, life follows a non-linear curve. At some points it is at its lowest point; while at some points, it rises to the peak: what we call life at its best. At times the life is full of inadequacy, while at some points it is filled with abundance. Disappointments and accomplishments accompany the bearer of this life. Success and failure are part of the life. Doors open, opportunities come our way, some mark the beginning of brief journeys which soon terminate. But the journey of life still continues. One of the journeys of this life is the academic journey. This takes the better part of our young and youthful age. The actor in this life is God Himself: One who never dies, the giver and sustainer of this life. Without Him, this life loses meaning.

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The campus academic journey is one of the most vital journey in the life of a youth. Coming from home, the flowery image of campus life is presented to us; we are as well warned of the moral decay that is therein. The first time in campus is marked by struggles to get everything right. Adjusting to the new life is a real hustle itself. Finding new friends, whom you can relate well with and be sure they won’t be the ‘wrong company’ we were warned never to join, is not an easy task. Confusion in first year hits so hard, that we wonder whether we will really catch up.

Proceeding with the journey, the reality of the life in campus dawns on us. Sustaining this life becomes difficult than we thought. Finances become scarce, balancing academics with social life becomes a challenge, deadlines of assignments and reports catch us unaware, and we just hang in there. The Actor still holds us and with His love, He keeps us safe.

Happy moments never lack in this life. Celebrating accomplishments of friends, social functions where we get to interact deeply. Attending missions in various parts of this country, proclaiming the everlasting Gospel with intent of pointing them to Christ. At such moments, we feel closest to the Actor.

At some points, we make stupid choices. We fall into relationships out of impulse, and the end results are life-threatening heartbreaks. We forget about this God, and walk away from His presence. The campus environment perpetuate our transgression to an extent that we lose taste of what is right. We do terrible things to a point that we even wonder if we will still be acceptable before Him. Even amidst this, God still ensures we are not broken beyond His repair. He recollects our broken parts and reminds us that we are still His. With lovingkindness, He draws us to Himself. (Jeremiah 31:3)

Finally, the stay in campus enters its twilight stage. Looking back, we can joyfully sing “All the Way, my Savior leads us. It is a true testimony that the life has not been easy, but our Faithful God has been our Ebenezer. At the core of campus life stands the symbol of God’s presence, our very refuge when we are buffeted by storms of life; that is, KUSDA church. This church has played a vital role in ensuring we are nourished with every spiritual needs. To it, we as 2021 Leavers pay homage.

KUSDA 2021 Leavers’ Sabbath

To mark the end of our stay in campus and KUSDA, we as Leavers of 2021, named Rechabites, cordially invites you dear reader to our Leavers Sabbath on 11th September, 2021 at Kenyatta University SDA Church. Join us thank God for what He has done for us. Join us celebrate the accomplishment He has enabled us accomplish.

The theme of this Sabbath will be : Life is a Drama, But God is the Actor supported by the Key text from the book of Jeremiah 1:5. The theme song is SDAH 508: Anywhere With Jesus . Pr. Dr. Lucas Otwera will expound on this topic.

For distant congregation, you can follow this service virtually via KUSDA YouTube Channel. May God keep you safe under His Wings.

Welcome to Kenyatta University Seventh Day Adventist (KUSDA) Church and worship with us.