Also, it is a ceremony where the members of various clubs, e.g. adventurers, pathfinders, ambassadors, etc., show their allegiance to the respective clubs and promises to abide by the principles of the clubs to which they are being admitted. This is why it is important to understand the laws and pledges of the respective clubs.

Furthermore, each club has its own characteristic song which serves as its anthem. It is advised that the inducted fellows should understand the songs and memorize them.

Role of  AYM Induction

Induction ceremony is important in any church since it is an event when members are recruited into their respective classes and those who are not aware nor familiar with the ministry are invited to be oriented, hence join.

In addition, it is important to hold an induction ceremony each year in order to welcome the new members who had joined the various clubs and usher them into their respective classes. In other words, this a ministry where everything is done ceremoniously, and a new member, being valuable, must be treated specially.

The ceremony also serves to show advancements to the next level. Since members advance in knowledge and in age, it is prudent to place them in a club that matches their level of knowledge as well as their age. Therefore, as a member advances, he/she is subject to promotion to a higher level.

Furthermore, induction ceremony creates awareness of the various clubs within the AYM. This ensures inclusivity of all members in the ministry, regardless of their level or age.

Lastly, in order to be recognized by the conference, it is important to hold such an event, in the case of KUSDA, it is CKC.

From the aforementioned reasons, it is clear that you are indeed required to be part of this ceremony. By no means should you think that induction ceremony is not for you. This is a celebration. Therefore, if you are not a direct participant, your presence to encourage and congratulate a participant will avail much.

You are therefore highly invited. Mark the details:

EVENT: KUSDA AYM Induction Ceremony

DATE: March 6, 2021


If you are away, you are not left out. Kindly follow the event live on KUSDA TV