Amid the various singing ministries in Kenyatta University SDA church (KUSDA) is Gospel Melodies (GM) ministry which started in 1997 by two young men in KUSDA. It grew from a small group flourishing to a
robust assembly of vibrant assorted young people from all diversities.

The mission of GM is based on Matthew 28:18-20 that is to proclaim the gospel to all nations with an ultimate goal geared towards the three angels’s message of Revelation 14:6-12.

To call sinners from all walks of life and uplift them to the standards of Christ through the guidance of the Holy spirit and to ultimately bring them to confession and repentance as we assure them of the everlasting love of Christ to sinners and His desire for them.

1. Evangelism.
2. Spiritual nourishment of the members.
3. Social welfare of the members.
4. Maintaining links with all its members.

By its name, Gospel Melodies, it describes part of what the ministry members do which is evangelism by singing praises and worship to the Lord among other activities such as conducting Bible Study within &
without itself, going for missions both far & near (organized by KUSDA church), conduction visitations to members, attending camp meetings, social events such as social lunches & luncheons and social
Sundays, attending weekend outreaches & sabbath fellowships in other churches and community outreaches; hospital ministry, prison ministry, children’s home and High school ministries.

Missions: At Sondu in Kisumu county, Sirisia-Bungoma.
Prison ministry: Lang’ata women’s prison.
Sabbath fellowships: jkuat-Karen community, Kikuyu central SDA.

Weekend outreaches: Omange SDA church in Sori & Kiendege SDA church at Suneka.

Sunday: 2.00-4.30pm- singing session.
Monday: 5.00-7.00pm- bible study.
Tuesday: 5.00-7.00pm- singing session.
Friday: 5.00-7.00pm- singing session.
Saturday: 12.30-2.00pm- social lunch & bible study.

The ministry has a healthy relationship with all its members. It has current members (those who actively attend to all the activities by the fact that they are continuing students in the institution), the associate members (those who have completed their studies from the institution & those who have interest in the ministry’s activities) and the extended members. All referred to as GMers and pronounced as /jiemers/

GM has an executive committee of group members in each academic year assigned various leadership positions headed by the coordinator for smooth maning of the group in co-ordination with KUSDA church. The ministry has a constitution that governs its operations.

The ministry has two volumes of DVDs, the latest titled, ‘Tunaye Mpatanishi’. The songs are available on the YouTube platform.

GM is therefore a home away from home and accommodates any disciplined individual who is interested and willing to be part of the large family. Recruitment to this particular ministry is limitless of time and number as long as one assures full cooperation in every activity of the ministry.


Sifa Album
Tunaye Mpatanishi Album

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