Running a race requires more especially character, time, dedication, and an unwavering desire to emerge victorious. It’s one concept that applies in life and all its facets. This Sabbath, it’s GOING THE EXTRA MILE, GAINING THE EXTRA MILE. I don’t know whether you feel inspired by the title but well, I am. In my belief, you’ve been through something that demands more. Maybe we shouldn’t call it something but just say your classwork demands more than you have been giving in, that is for a student. At your workplace, your boss has piled a list of tasks that you’re required to submit in a week. It then calls on you to strain and drain your energy in delivering that which is required.

You’re a church elder and you’re packed with church duties that require your delegation and presence, a family that you need to physically look after, too much we can call it. In so doing, you’ll have to go the extra mile. A mile that maybe wasn’t in your time and financial budget. An extra mile will require you to get back to the drawing board and crosscheck if you have all that needs. But most often, the extra miles are for the good that follows. For Christians, rich rewards and promises await and so, go the extra mile brethren, it shall pay off.

As a Christian, journeying through life and battling the tempting circumstances, life requires us to go the extra mile. Many times we tend to question our struggle, asking why the world is so cruel. Going the extra mile sometimes is too hefty, but remember the Man of sorrow, Christ on the cross. For him to win back the fallen human race, He had to go extra in His dealings. He took the human form, not enough, he bore our shame, He was mocked, tempted just like we do but yet never sinned. He was afflicted and despised, going through pain that He has power over.

Later He gave his life to death for you and me to get saved in Him. This calls for more from us, we need to make sacrifices for surely there is a greater unfathomable gain. Just like Christ did, to have you and me in His Kingdom, he went the extra mile. To gain heaven, we have to go the extra mile. Christ came and lived with humanity, a divine opportunity to learn from Him. We’re thence required to follow closely in His footsteps, going the extra mile He went. He prayed and so we’re to be prayerful. He fasted to seek a connection with His Father. Therefore for the gain of the unrevealed things above, we need to look up to Him.

This Sabbath, we will be Going the extra mile, gaining the extra mile as we fellowship, pray, and fast in KUSDA church. Elder Brian Odongo will be ministering to us from Mathew 5:41 on the sermon title, GOING THE EXTRA MILE, GAINING THE EXTRA MILE. Our theme song is SDAH 501, Tis the blessed hour of prayer.

For the distant congregations, you can follow this service virtually via KUSDA YouTube Channel. May God keep you safe under His Wings.