Friday Vespers: The Woman Who Helped God

Sabbath preparation day is once again here with us! Our God has been faithful to us throughout the week. It has taken his Omnipotent hand to see us through the hills and the valleys of our endeavors. Through the snares of the devil, He has provided a way for us to escape. His constant still voice has spoken to our conscious, to direct us to the paths of righteousness.

Finally, He has made a provision of reconnecting with Him through the solemn day of the Sabbath. It has been the wish of God that all humanity may come to an understanding of the essence of the Sabbath rest, and acknowledge it as a sign between the loving God and His obedient children. This is what God wish you to understand dear reader.

The Friday of 02/07/2021 marks the preparation day for a Prayer and Fasting Sabbath in KUSDA Church. The vespers of this day will begin at 6:50 PM to 8:00PM, led by elder and the servant of the Most High Jovin Odhiambo, who will share the message from God on the topic The Woman Who Helped God. The key text will be from the book of Galatians 2:23 and the theme song will be from SDAH 600: Hold Fast Till I Come.

The live audience are not excluded from this worship service. Simply follow the services live on KUSDA YOUTUBE Channel. Thank you and God bless your preparation.