Facing the Wall

The long wearisome week is gone and here we come to the rest of the Sabbath. As the sun goes own to usher in the blessed day, we as KUSDA church community convene to reflect on God’s protection throughout the week.

Facing The Wall-KUSDA vespers

After a long endeavors of the week, it is natural for man to seek for a place of repose. The evening of Friday is the best time to meditate upon the blessings of the Lord, His protection and provision in all spheres of our lives. Furthermore, it is important to carry out self introspection to check if we still walk in the faith.

Also, it’s during this cool of the day that music makes more sense as it appeals to the higher faculty of man. These are the essence of the Friday vespers. Sons and Daughters of God congregate to sing songs of sweet melody unto their Creator as they tune to Sabbath mood. Encouragement is offered freely to a brother or a sister who has felt the pangs and stings of the week.

The Friday of 28th May, 2021 is a special day. A word of encouragement from the book of 2 Kings 20:1-3 will be expounded by the servant of God, Eld. John Nyambane. The title of the presentation is Facing the Wall.

KUSDA Vesper’s Key text

You are specially invited to this importnt service. If you will be unable to attend the physical service, kindly follow us live via the KUSDA TV .

May God bless you as you plan to worship in truth and in Spirit