Discipleship Sabbath

Once an individual has accepted Christ and has decided to bear the name of Christ with him/her, it is expected of him/her to live the life Christ lived, reflect the life of Christ and then represent Christ to the world. Therefore, the comprehensive inclusive meaning of a true disciple is:

  1. A person living the life of Christ:- Gal 2:20, 4:19 , 2 Cor 5:15
  2. A person reflecting Christ:- John 15:5, Matt 7:16
  3. A person Representing Christ:- 2 Cor 5:20

It is furthermore important to note that discipleship is not an event but a process of continuous growth in Christ until it becomes one’s habit.

An important question that needs to be addressed now is: how can one practice true discipleship? To answer this, awe are going to employ a 5-4-3 convention: Below is the description:

5 Commitments – LLLLL

  1. Look to Jesus daily – Hebrews 12:2
  2. Listen to Jesus daily – Matt 7:25
  3. Learn of and from Jesus daily – Matt 11:29
  4. Live for Jesus daily – Gal 2:20
  5. Lead others to Christ daily – Acts 1:8

4 Routines- MMMM

  1. Memorize the words and the works of Christ.
  2. Meditating on the words and the works of Christ.
  3. Mining the words and works of Christ.
  4. Ministering the words and the works of Christ.

3 Habits – HHH

  1. Hearing His words and works.
  2. Hiding His words and works in our hearts so that we ponder upon them daily.
  3. Heeding to His words and works.

Beloved, Christ is calling us to live a life worth the name we bear. It is not enough to go out and hold an evangelistic campaign in order to be a disciple. Being a disciple starts from the kind of life we live; a life that fully reflect Christ, a character that is after the similitude of Christ’s and words that are Spirit-filled.

The Sabbath of 27th March, 2021 will be a Discipleship Sabbath, where we will be dwelling on the Topic: Compelled to Reach Out led by Eld. Jackson Njagi in KUSDA Church.

The Key Text of the day will be Luke 1:20 and Theme Song will be SDAH 598Watch, Ye Saints

KUSDA Discipleship Sabbath Key Text

KUSDA as a church has a running discipleship program every Sabbath whereby every member is given an opportunity to reach out to fellow students who are within their reach and share Christ with them through Lesson discussion or Bible Study. You are also encouraged to reach out to your neighbor, friend, family member, workmate, classmate, schoolmate or any person within your reach and share even God’s love with them. Remember what Christ said to His disciples when He finished giving the signs of end times: Matthew 24:14: And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.

KUSDA Discipleship motivation

For our esteemed distant followers, kindly follow this Sabbath’s Services online via KUSDA YouTube Channel. Lastly, meditate upon the following questions as you prepare for the Sabbath:

  1. How much time alone do you spend with Christ everyday or week?
  2. How are you currently learning of Christ and from Christ?
  3. In what ways are you a disciple of Christ?

May Almighty God keep you safe and in good health as you purpose to advance the course of the gospel. Blessed week!