For ages since our Saviour Christ descended from the world, it’s been a song for Christians on His second return. In our opinion, His coming has been delayed but again we remember it’s only known to Him. You as a Christian, ever found yourself caught in the matrix of asking whether His coming has been delayed? Struggling with the questions of when or how soon this shall come to pass? The Bible clearly records of His soon appearing in the clouds above, sermons have been preached on the same.

Yet again prophesies have passed and still, we’re looking for the waymarks of what is to come. The same prophecies predict of His return. What then do you have to do? Just like the prophesies given by Isaiah about His birth to the ministry of John the Baptist preaching of Him who shall come, and He came. This too shall come, maybe He has delayed or maybe not, we then have to be prepared. His coming is sure.

Many have had their hopes dimmed, claiming that Christ coming has been delayed. Years have passed, as we sing the Christian hymns of waiting and watching, and truly we know not the time. The promise still holds that He shall come. The journey to the New Jerusalem is ongoing, but daily, time is getting redeemed. Is it true that Christ coming Delayeth? Do you want to know why? KUSDA Church welcomes you to a Sabbath fellowship on the 29th of October 2021. As Christians prepare for the Master’s return, the question of whether His return has been delayed and why is yet to be unfolded.

Welcome to our Sabbath Fellowship as Pr. Paul Mwangi will be ministering to us. The sermon title is Christ’s Coming Delayeth. Why? The Key text is Mathew 24: 14 and our theme song is SDAH 213 Jesus is Coming Again.

For the distant congregations, you can follow this service virtually via KUSDA YouTube Channel. May God keep you safe under His Wings.


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