Welcome to our KUSDA Sabbath program on 14th August 2021. Taking a look at the sermon title, No on-and-off connection, we have expectations. From the Physics knowledge we have on circuit connection, there must be a Power source from which electric current comes from. There are circumstances that can interrupt the current flow and that…

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WELCOME TO KUSDA 2021 CAMP MEETING Each and every year, God gives us a seven-day Sabbath in form in form of a Camp Meeting. We are glad to invite you to this Year’s Kenyatta University Seventh Day Adventist (KUSDA) & Gilead Sabbath School camp meeting starting from Sunday 1st August 2021 to Saturday 7th August…

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I Still Love You

“For God so loved the world that He gave….” This statement explains what love costed our God. True love is costly dear reader. If you have never comprehended the cost of loving, then you have never loved. Love may cost our time, resources, our friends, etc. But an extent to which love costs life, it…

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Welcome to Kenyatta University Seventh Day Adventist (KUSDA) Church and worship with us.