In the cycle of life and all it pertains to, a new beginning marks one of the most important phases in the cycle. New beginnings come after the completion of a task. The results can either be bad or good. The experience might have been overwhelming but still, a new chapter calls for a new beginning. Our lives as Christians may be rooted in perplexities but there is a sweet promise of a new beginning is given in Christ Jesus. Just like the Beginning, God created the world and all its components ( Genesis 1). We are all created by one God who loves us until He let His son die to redeem us. He calls to come home and can start a new beginning with Him.

We sometimes dwell so much in our dark pasts, not forgetting that we have a forgiving Father. One whom through our feebleness welcomes us with open arms. In Isaiah 1:18, God speaks through His Prophet that our sins can be made as snow if we harken to the call of having a new beginning. Our lives can be like that of Paul, a man whose transformation has profound teaching on what Christ can do. A vision at the gate of Damascus marked his new beginning in the walk with the man of sorrow. Pauls’s conversion was the least expected but with the transforming power of Jesus Christ, he had a new beginning of ministering about Jesus.

Christ has always called us to a new beginning, and so this Sabbath, 16th October 2021, an ACA Sabbath, come experience with us the joy of Sabbath. Roman 8.1, we have no condemnation as those already in Christ. We, KUSDA Church welcome you for the Sabbath worship. Our speaker will be Pastor Ceaser Wamalika, expounding on Isaiah 43.18 under the sermon title BE A NEW BEGINNING. Our theme Song will be SDAH 427, NO NIGHT THERE.

For the virtual congregation, you can follow this service virtually via KUSDA YouTube Channel and KUSDA Facebook page. May God keep you safe under His Wings.